Anonymous Asked:
Hey homie, how's it hanging? Tell me what you've done so far today because, personally, I have just stayed in bed and attempted to watch hanibal and supernatural but all the links were broken so now i am sad. soz 4 da lyf stori m8.

Hey brah, it’s pretty chill. 

Awh, that sounds like a pretty sad day for the world, you could try torrenting them perhaps?

I’ve not really done a lot today… got up, had a bath, had a fish finger sandwich and nowI’m settled down to watch New Girl all day.  

Kinda hoping the friends I’m supposed to meet up with cancel on me… I love them but I just want to lie in bed all day today.


Anonymous Asked:

Awwh, thank you <3 

(I love you)

unikitty21 Asked:

Who are you? 

Anonymous Asked:
Tu eres muy hermosa =)

Muchas gracias, querida <3

unikitty21 Asked:


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sleepwalkertv Asked:
You're really pretty, and your blog is cool too (:

Thank you (:

I love your blog, by the way! xx

Anonymous Asked:
It's tuesday and you're fit, can we see some boob please?

Anonymous Asked:
Gosh you are so pretty! Check out my blog? My username is Grantaflac

Um, thanks <3

I’ll do that! 

Anonymous Asked:
why are you so wonderful?

I’m not but thank you! You probably are!

Anonymous Asked:
you're so fucking cute =)

Um, thank you!

But I’m not cute, I’m sexy!

Anonymous Asked:
you should post more photos of you when you're not being ridiculous because you're actually really pretty

Thanks, but  I’m always ridiculous!

But I made this for you, anon:

the-trisarahtops Asked:
we all know you have gr8 boobs though. that's why you have creepy anons asking for them dude.

Oh, thank you, baby! Mmmmmhmmmm, you’re hot though man <3

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