Whoops there’s only three things in my queue and I’m not going on tumblr until I’ve finished a TV show which I’m watching because if I get any more spoilers, I’m going to go on a massacre.

¯\ _(ツ)_/¯

I’ve barely posted about work but (this is a soppy post)

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 bonamassochist said: What kind of job IS that?? o_O

One where I phone up graduates and try and get them to give us money ha ha ha     ha
They would be stupid to hire me after this application but I swear I’m totally qualified for the job

Still struggling through this stupid job application there are nine mandatory essay questions?

I’m trying to apply for this job and just



SO if I get my tattoo just before I head off to uni, I’m probably not going to be able to wear a bra for a bit/

That’ll be nice on my predominantly male course.

I really hope they never need to find a lab book reference from any of the books I’ve scanned. There are loads of hidden easter eggs like pages scanned twice or three times to when I lifted a page off in the middle of scanning and other such brain spasms.

I scanned two books pretty much drunk after lunch today too. Not a high point in my life. 

I feel like my friendship with Harrison has reached a new level.

He snuck up on me to lick my face, but I turned as he did it so he ended up biting my WHOLE FACE (and it hella hurt even though I was probably pretty fucking drunk at this point).

So as an apology he let me slap him in the face.

You can probably tell how my night went last night.

Last night, I dreamt that quavers were on half price and today, mama bought me a 20 pack of quavers because they were on special offer.

Dreams can come true!

You know how I’ve got a summer job doing inventory in the labs of the company where my (and Ben’s).dad works? No? Probably because I haven’t told you guys.
Anyway, I thought I’d be finished this morning seeing as I couldn’t see any more samples in the freezer, just lots of boxes. Lots of boxes containing hundreds of tiny little vials.

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